10 Fun Facts About Me!

Hello there!

Welcome to the first post on my new blog! My name is Tori and I plan on sharing with you some of my favorite “stories” (both life stories and books, and probably literally anything else!) as I navigate through my twenties! I am really excited for the future of this blog and where it goes.


I feel like my first post should be like a get to know you kind of a thing.Β What’s more fun than sharing some fun facts with you? Plus, it’s a super easy quick way to get to know a little about me, and what you might be getting yourself into! hehe

  1. My doggy Sophie is my best friend, she’s the best dog in the world!
  2. Joey is my human best friend and boyfriend and biggest supporter. We’ve been together nearly five and a half years now and are planning on moving in together in a couple of weeks. So, if you hear about Joey, that’s who he is! Also, “first apartment” posts are in the near future!joeyonbeach
  3. I work in a bakery and am surrounded by cakes and breads all day, and I love it so much.
  4. One of my favorite things to do in my free time is to go geocaching with Joey! It is basically like a real life treasure hunt and gives you such a sense of adventure. I’m sure there will be more posts about this in the future, is it sounds like something cool you may be interested in!
  5. I really like puns a lot more than a normal person should.
  6. Tiramisu is my all time favorite dessert. Ever. Hands down. So good.
  7. I have a degree in computer information systems!
  8. I am a total bookworm. A vast majority of the time I am in the middle of a book and just secretly would rather be reading. I could ramble on and on about books, and I probably will very soon too! πŸ˜‰
  9. My favorite season is the fall. I could write an entire post filled with reasons why I love it so much. The leaves, the pumpkin spice, the weather, the flannels, the apple picking!fallleavesandflannels
  10. Even though fall is my favorite time of the year, my happiest place is the beach. It doesn’t even matter is it a lake or an ocean, if you put me on a beach my heart is happy I can’t explain it I just love it so much.



14 thoughts on “10 Fun Facts About Me!

  1. Hey Tori, I discovered you from First Friday and I’m so glad! Turns out that we share a lot of interests – I also love reading and tiramisu is the reason for my existence! Love your blog πŸ™‚


  2. I feel like I know you already! (Which I believe proves that you accomplished your goal quite well with this post!) Plus it was fun to discover that you work at a bakery too! What do you do there?
    Looking forward to subsequent posts!

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