Our First Christmas Tree!

Hey there guys!

Just thought I’d drop in for a quick post about our first Christmas Tree!

Our apartment is coming along and beginning to feel like home. I love how cozy it feels here!

We just got a little four foot fake tree, we didn’t really need anything too extravagant or anything since it is just us. It looks so cute in the living room though! It came with pine cones and berries all over it, so it looks like it just came out of the forest. It’s funny because we didn’t realize that at the time when we were buying it. It wasn’t until we came home and ripped open the box did we realize.

our christmas tree!I honestly really didn’t like the berries and pinecones at first, I thought it was unnecessary and kind of weird and wouldn’t have chosen that one if I had known, but how looking at it I think it is the perfect tree for our first Christmas together here. ย The berries and pinecones are growing on me and now I think it just adds a little something extra to the little tree.

We also got a bunch of blue bulbs to put all over the tree, Joey picked them out, and I like them a lot because blue is my favorite color and it is something a little bit different from the average thing. Then I picked out a bunch of little golden bows to put all over the tree, which I think is super cute!


I still want to get a big gold bow to top the tree, it would be super cute and a little bit different too plus we need a tree skirt for the bottom but I think it is so cute right now I just needed to share! Oh, and we need some stockings too!

How did you decorate your Christmas tree this year?


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