The Christmas Fuzzies

Hey there guys!

So sorry it has been so long since I last blogged, but as you can imagine the holiday time is super busy, especially for someone working in a bakery all week long!

As much as I love blogging it is really hard to manage after working hard all day and running around like a chicken with its head cut off during the busiest week of the year and then worrying about Christmas shopping and doing life, it is all just really exhausting!

Hope you don’t mind though, because I’m here now!

There were a couple of times where sat down to blog last week but every time I did I felt like I just couldn’t find the words to write anything Christmassy. For me, even though I was surrounded by Christmas all last week, I just wasn’t feeling the “Christmas fuzzies” (I made up that term the other day haha and I like it!) inside of me like everyone else seemed to have.

I think that’s the problem with being in your twenties at Christmas time.  It is that I feel like the Christmas spirit goes away a little bit each year, no matter how hard you try to hold onto it. Part of it is that some of the anticipation goes away, I think because as you grow up, the less Christmas is about Santa coming and opening presents and more about giving the presents which is even better if you ask me!

Once Christmas Eve hit, Joey and I exchanged our gifts because we just couldn’t wait any longer, some of the Christmas fuzzies started to sink in. More of the Christmas fuzzies came at my aunt’s house being surrounded by my family and when we did our little gift exchange game. It was really fun and cute, we did that game where you sit in a circle and someone reads a poem and you pass the gift to either the left or the right every time you hear those words in the poem and when the poem ends you open the gift you end up with!

After that we went to my grandma’s where we had the feast of the seven fish which was pretty good. Joey enjoyed it a lot more than I did since I’m not big on seafood (I had a couple scallops but that’s about it) Joey quite literally had a feast! Once that was over I went to my mom’s to sleep over with them so I could wake up on Christmas morning with my family. Christmas day was pretty chilled I exchanged presents with my family in the morning and had a nice Christmas dinner in the evening with everyone!

The Christmas fuzzies stayed most of the day though!

Christmas turned out to be really good this year, but I think getting into the holiday spirit leading up to it was tough for me this year. I feel like that’s just something that happens when you get older though.

Have you noticed that this happened to you too? Or have you been full of the Christmas fuzzies all month long?





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