2017 Goals!

Hey guys!

I really wanted to so a New Year’s post but I wasn’t quite sure how to go about doing it.

There is something about resolutions that just don’t feel as real. They always seem like something great to make and talk about this time of the year but often literally just get forgotten about within just a couple of months. Goals are something that I make and think about all year long, and are something that I feel are actually attainable and are more likely to stick..well hopefully.

In a way I’d like to think that this year I will just try to make a bunch of small mindful changes that will add up to make a difference to contribute to a happier and healthier life. Well, that’s the plan at least!


Here’s my goals:

Go to the gym at least 2 or 3 times per week

I want to start working out a lot more in order to be more healthy, plus next October we are going to Florida so I gotta get in shape!

Do a better job at recycling/cut down on waste

Since we moved into our apartment we haven’t done a very good job recycling and we really need to do better. With the exception of plastic bottles, everything has been going in the trash, and I know I don’t even want to hear how bad that is for the environment it is but we are going to come up with a system or something so that we can do better on that front! Maybe when we figure out a good efficient way to do it for out apartment, I’ll share it with you guys in a post!

Blog at least twice per week

Plus more if I’m feeling inspired!

For the most part, I have pretty good with this, other than the week before Christmas, but consistency is key so I really want to post twice, if not more than that per week!

Be more active on twitter

Since I started this blog I haven’t  really been too active on my twitter account or really have been promoting it much at all. I really want to get on top of that!

Give me a follow @toristoryblog! To keep up to date with me and everything else, plus you can see if I actually follow through with this goal.

Make more time for friends

One of the things this past year that really sucked is that I didn’t really get to have time with my friends as much as I wanted to. That’s the thing about getting older and being in your twenties, everyone gets so busy adulting and it is so hard sometimes to make plans these days because of schedule conflicts and it is just so tough. This year I want to do my best to try to make more time to be with friends, because well, they make me happy!

Read 20 books

Throughout 2016 I set the goal to read 20 books on my goodreads page, but I only made it to 12, which isn’t too bad, that’s like a book per month but this year I really want to reach the goal of reading 20 books. I think it is doable but we’ll see how the year goes! I think the key is to read super awesome books you can’t put down, plus those are the best anyways!  Let me know your favorite books so I can add them to my reading list!

Those are my main goals for the new year! The plan is to stick with them all year long, and I’m thinking it might actually be manageable since they are small ones. There are some other ones and in my mind that are bigger, for example Joey wants to go geocaching everyday of the year. It is doable, but requires a lot of work and effort to do every single day, but we’ll see!

The most important thing that I want to come of this year is that I just want to do everything I can to be happy and to grow as a person!

What are some of your goals this year? What do you think about new year’s resolutions?


5 thoughts on “2017 Goals!

  1. Hope you achieve them all!

    Well, you should definitely hit the gym this year! The hardest part is getting started but if you manage to not break the cycle and go for two, maybe three weeks, it becomes a routine and eventually something you really anticipate during the day, and it’s a really good way to cope with stress and life, generally. *-*


  2. Hi Tory! Susie sent me! I like your date night post, and this one, too. Exercise is a great way to keep the creative juices flowing. I bet you’ll meet your post goal because your exercise goal will fuel you! 🙂

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