Road Trips and Adventures

The best kinds of days are the days where you wake up and never in your wildest imagination do you think you will end up doing what has actually transpired throughout the day. Those kinds of days where you get to explore new places – whether it is right in your neighborhood or in a brand new city you had to drive hours to get to. Those are the best kinds of days.

My wanderlust runs rapid inside of my and these are the  days I live for.  Especially in the dead of winter in my snowy city, where it is especially hard to get out and do new things. This time of the year I really have to soak in these kinds of awesome days, because  they are so rare!

Joey had to go to Erie, PA to pick up a new hood for his firebird through a craigslist deal, apparently it was a steal, so we had to get it! So we made a super fun road trip day. Having it be with my best friend was even better.

From where we live to Erie, it was about a four hour trip back and forth so we spent the time jamming out to music, singing and dancing and drinking Tim Hortons and talking and just being together.

When we got there we got to adventure around and even do a little bit of geocaching! We also saw some beautiful views of the lake. It was beautiful. One of my favorite things about geocaching is getting to see beautiful and local places that we would have never even thought to visit otherwise! I still have to do a whole post about it because other than blogging, geocaching is my other favorite hobby!

Oh, and I also like photography and capturing said beauty:

I mean look how beautiful, I am just so happy we got to go on this adventure together and I get to share it with you guys now! It’s always fun to mix things up every once in awhile!  Never thought I’d get to walk on a sandy beach and an iceberg all within 20 feet of each other!

Hope you guys have an awesome week, and enjoyed this quick happy little post!


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