Animal Adventures

Hey there guys!

I noticed how much love my post got last week for my weekend adventures post and I thought I’d do another one with sort of the same kind of thing this week too. I feel super lucky that I have even been able to do fun things these past two weekends because a lot of the time I am just working during the entire weekend.

Since today classes are starting back up for the spring semester for a couple of my friends we all got together and went out for breakfast and had a super fun day together at the zoo. It was a super fun day and it was really awesome to get to have the whole squad together. I love the times where I get to just be surrounded by all of the my closest friends.

We all went to the zoo and enjoyed the animals and just had a day of fun and being together it was really fun.

My favorite animals to look at this time around were the armadillos and the bison. The armadillo was super active and running around in circles and it was super cute I loved watching him run around so much. The bison were also super cool, there were three of them; two of them were just chilling there eating their food or whatever, but the other one was having the time of his life. He was running around and playing with his toys and he was being really cool and entertaining. (I got a good picture of the bison when he stopped for a water break!)

Our zoo that we went to is holding a photography competition during this whole month so we took lots of pictures with the hopes of a couple of them coming out good enough to submit to the contest! Here are a bunch to share with you guys! Let me know which ones you liked best so I can submit them! (I can only submit two)

Don’t forget to tell me which pictures were your fav! We got super lucky to have an abnormally beautiful day the day we planned to have a zoo day, because nice days are very rare where I live so to what I was grateful too!

Hope you guys all had a great weekend,too! Did you do anyhing exciting?


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