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12 Netflix Shows to Binge Right Now

Hey there guys!
So, I feel like we all get in that sort of mood where all you want to do is get sucked into a Netflix vortex and travel to some other world for like…5-8 seasons. No? Just me? Well, that’s cool too, but if you are anything like me and love Netflix but need a new show to get into, you have come to the right place! I feel like this is the prime time of the year to get sucked into a new show, because it is the dead of winter (at least where I live) with no hope for spring in sight, so it’s not like you’re missing any beautiful days or anything like that!
Today I am going to provide you with all of my favorite Netflix shows to binge watch on days like today, in the dead of winter, when there is nothing else you would rather be doing. Also, all the ones I am going to list have at least five seasons, so you won’t have to worry about them being over too soon! I really enjoyed these shows, plus they have a bunch of seasons, to last you a little while!


Breaking Bad



Army Wives


New Girl

The Office

The Vampire Diaries

The Walking Dead

Gossip Girl

Orange is the New Black

Those are my suggestions, I feel like there is at least something in there for everyone! If you haven’t seen any of these you need to begin it right now!

Also, let me know of there’s something else that’s really awesome, that I hopefully haven’t seen because I am almost  done with Shameless and I am going to need another show soon!


6 thoughts on “12 Netflix Shows to Binge Right Now

  1. Love your list! I need to reactivate my Netflix account soon, because I’m dying to watch A Series of Unfortunate Events (my childhood in series form!). Black Mirror is a good one, too, but I think you’ve already mentioned watching it!


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