Date Night Ideas!

Hey there guys!

Since Valentine’s Day is coming up, and just because I thought it would be a helpful post for whenever anyways, I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite date ideas, other than “dinner and a movie”, even though that is still fun sometimes too. Sometimes, you just want to  do something more hands on and fun and that’s that this post is for. Something you can look back on down the road and talk about how much fun that day you guys had together was. That’s that it’s all about!

I’ll just jump right in! Hope some of these ideas inspire you to do some of these things and have a great time together!

Go to a Museum

One of the first dates Joey went on back in the day was an art museum in our city and it was really fun to walk around to look at the art and sculptures.

Go Bowling

This is a great thing to do if you guys want to go out and have some fun, especially if the weather is bad and limits some of the other things you can do. I feel like bowling is one of those things I always forget about, but it can bring out a competitive side too.

Take a Hike……..and Geocache!

Sometimes just the two of you and nature is all you really need. You have plenty of time to talk and look around at what mother nature has to offer. If you want a little extra fun, download the geocaching app, and the exploring is even more fun, geocaching turns a walk in the woods to a real life treasure hunt. Joey and I are obsessed! (I still have to do a whole post about it because it is one of our favorite hobbies to do together now!) There are literally hundreds of caches all over the world! This idea is super fun because you’ll never know where the day will take you!

Have a Beach Day

Pack a lunch and head to the beach. This is my other favorite idea because I love the beach so much. Although I don’t live by an ocean there are lots of lakes around to explore and  finding a new favorite beach is so exciting! If it is a nice summer day, this would be my pick. (even though it’s the dead of winter here right now *sigh*)

Make Some Art

Head to a craft store and pick up some paints and canvases, or paper and paint together of whatever inspires you guys at that moment. It is relatively cheap and a great way to be creative together! Plus side, you will have a unique piece of art to keep to remember your day together!

Bake Something Yummy Together

Something Joey and I love to do together is cooking/ baking together. It is a fun activity to do together and really involves teamwork and communication to follow a recipe together. You can try out my awesome cannoli recipe or check out my pinterest (I’m addicted) for inspiration!

Have a Photography Day

Joey and I are both really into photography so a fun date idea would be to go to a part of the city that you’ve always wanted to see and document it with some cool photos! Also, you might even get to take some cool photos of the two of you together that might even be good enough to frame or keep for a long time.

Here’s one of my favorites from last summer:


Okay, I think I’ll stop here, let me know if any of these ideas were helpful if you were stuck on ideas on what to do together! I’m all about adventures and making memories together! Let me know if you have unique ideas or dates you have been on!


11 thoughts on “Date Night Ideas!

  1. These are great ideas, perfect for Valentine’s Day!
    Thanks for bringing this link to the party, Tori! I had heard about the geocaching app, but thought the guy was kidding! I live in Colorado and will definitely use it next time I’m out hiking with Danny.


  2. We often do hikes together (one of the reasons to move to BC, Canada). This Valentine (weekend) we sent our son off to a sleep over and we are going to see a comedian/magician (Piff the magic dragon).
    We don’t bake together, but we enjoy it together! 😉
    PS Susie sent me and I am glad I went


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