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Geocaching and Why You Should Try It

Hey there guys!

Today is the day where I a going to dedicate a post to geocaching!  I talked about it in a couple of other posts (here and here  and here and probably somewhere else too) but I want to do a whole post about it because other than blogging it probably is one of my favorite hobbies to do, and because I feel like not enough people know about it and they should.

How I found out about Geocaching:

I first found out about geocaching online, I was on a really fun website called, just stumbling along when a geocaching page came up and I read all about it. I thought about how awesome and fun it would be to try it out. At that time it was the dead of winter, so I waited until the spring time to ask Joey to try it out. When we did, we both ended up loving it so much and embraced it as our new hobby.


What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is basically a real life treasure hunt. That’s ho

w I describe it to people at least. I feel like there’s no way to explain what it is unless you actually go out and do it what really gives it justice. You basically use your gps to find a “cache” which is a container of any size out in the world and they sign the log that you were there, if it is but enough there may be “swag” or prizes or toys that you can trade.

Finding these caches range in difficulty level, size and types of terrain so each one is going to be unique. Some hard ones will require to kayak through a river or repel down a cliff, while most of them require to go down a nature trail or visit a state park or local forest to find the caches. There are also urban caches which are literally right in your own neighborhood in places you would drive by on a daily basis.

The whole idea of it is super cool to think that there are little hidden secrets all around you that you can find at any moment. If this sounds interesting to you check out for way more helpful information to get started!


Why Geocache?

  • Wanderlust fulfillment.  I have always been the type of person that loves travel and yearns to see the world or just new things in general and geocaching does that for me, or at least fills the void.
  • Geocaching takes you to new places that you would have never even have thought to go before. It is pretty much guaranteed that you will have a fun adventure that day.
  • The thrill of the find is so much fun. Spending lots of time hiking to a location or just searching around an area and finding it is just so exciting, I don’t know how else to explain it!
  • If you are traveling to a different city, geocaching will take you where the locals go. You will get to see the cool local spots rather than just the touristy places!
  • You get to learn a lot about history of not only the earth but our history too.
  • You get to meet lots of other awesome geocachers! There are geocaching events all over the place where you can attend and swap stories and meet lots of cool people. You never know, you could even meet other cachers while out geocaching, too!

It is just so much fun to do and I love it. I also love that it is something Joey and I can bond over and something that we can spend some quality time doing. (which is why I mentioned it in my date ideas post).


Let me know if you are a fellow geocacher or if geocaching is something that sounds interesting to you!

I would love to do more posts about caching if it is something people would like to see. Or I can do more “adventure” posts with geocaching sprinkled in like how I did this my road trip post!


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