Just a Chatty Post

Hey there!

Long time no blog, sorry about that! I have really been wanting to blog the last couple of days but I feel like I was just in a mini blogging slump and the more I put it off the worst it is going to get. So here I am, writing a post for the first time in over a week. Which isn’t too too bad but still, I like blogging at least twice a week (or at least trying to, as minimum).

I don’t really have anything on the agenda today as far as really cool content, I just thought I’d do a little chatty post for fun. Sort of like we’re friends catching up or something like that. Omg, wouldn’t it be cool if live blogging were a thing, like live streaming, only its blogging so you guys can talk back to me? Wait, no, that would just be instant messaging. I’m dumb don’t mind me over here.

So if you asked me what I have been up to, I would quite literally say nothing. Other than just working, I really haven’t been up to much at all. Basically just adulting. I should do a whole post just about all the adult things I have to do.

Speaking of posts I should do, I have  a couple in my head that I want to do really soon, but is there anything in particular you might to see? More DIY, more food, more books or literally any other sort of post out there you really like to read? Let me know, that would be super helpful.   As much I like blogging about whatever I want and just sharing bits of my life, I want to to be enjoyable and relevant to you too!

Other than working, I haven’t been doing too much. Hung out and caught up with a couple of friends and had a girl shopping day (haul soon maybe?) and just reading a bunch and watching youtube more than I probably should. More than anything I am just so ready for the spring/summer.

I am just so over the cold and snow. I am yearning for the spring and the sun and going on hikes and being outside and just having nicer weather and just not having to bundle up every time I want to go outside.

I think I’ll leave it here, I just wanted to check in and say hi. I don’t even know What I even talked about but if for some reason you read the entire thing then you’re the best! I send you a virtual hug right now! Also, let me know what posts you’re interested in reading the in the future!


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